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Food Pantry Donation

Food Pantry Donation

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Congratulations, you are helping to alleviate hunger in central Utah.  By choosing to donate a package or bundle of meat or reserving a bulk beef, you will be helping less fortunate families have access to high quality meat.

How does it work?

 Select an option for a beef donation.  

Once the beef is ready, we will load it up and take it to our local food pantry.  

We'll let you know ahead of time when we'll be going, if you would like to join us for delivery.

Package and Bundle donations will likely come from this years remaining inventory and will likely be donated sooner.  1/8 Beefs will be donated as part of regular delivery with the rest of the bulk beef.


Split a cow with your friends and family. 

Be the hero that helps everyone save by getting 1/8 beefs at the whole beef price.

We make it incredibly easy.  We'll split the cow for you and take care of all the shipping.  

Plus give you a special bonus, just for taking on such a special roll.

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