Whole Chicken Precut
Whole Chicken Precut
Whole Chicken Precut

Whole Chicken Precut

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Our chicken is raised out in the sunshine and given fresh green pasture every day. This diet of grass and bugs in addition to non-GMO grain makes for some incredibly nutritious meat.  As an added bonus, we have precut this chicken for you.

Each Precut chicken includes:

  • Legs
  • Breasts
  • Wings
  • Back meat
  • neck
  • Bones


"I would definitely recommend them! They are super friendly! My little boy has enjoyed going out to their farm to pick up the meat that we have got from them!

My family has bought both beef and chicken from Sunnyside up Pastures. It was hands down the best meat. Better than any store bought! Specially the chicken! The chicken was a lot bigger than what you would get in the store and has a better taste! Like I said I’d definitely recommend them!"
Susan M.