Stew Chicken
Stew Chicken
Stew Chicken

Stew Chicken

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 Stew chicken is amazing! These chickens are older when processed, which means their meat is tougher, but the taste is out of this world. 

Cooking these chickens is best in soups cooked in a slow cooker or Instapot. These cooking procedures helps tenderize the tough meat and unlock those deeps flavors. 

You won't regret making chicken soup out of these amazing birds.


Our chicken is raised out in the sunshine and given fresh green pasture every day. This diet of grass and bugs in addition to non-GMO grain makes for some incredibly nutritious meat.  

 This is chicken your grandparents would recognize; we strive to keep our meat true to its original nature. That means we leave as much on the chicken as possible, which also means it is tastier and more nutritious. No added salt or any other foreign bodies, this is all natural food. 


Cut Options

  • Whole Chicken
    • This option is the meat bird.
      • Cooking up a whole chicken is easier than you might think.  The other day I made chicken and rice in our Instant Pot.  I threw in the whole bird on top of the rice. It was the most flavor full Chicken and Rice we've ever had.   
  • Whole Chicken (Precut)
      • Breaking down the chicken and be a bit of a challenge.  So we've taken the chicken and cut it down into all the main components for you.  We remove the back frame and cut the meat into stir-fry sized pieces.  This makes the precut option lighter.

What SUP Customers Are Saying: 

"I would definitely recommend them! They are super friendly! My little boy has enjoyed going out to their farm to pick up the meat that we have got from them!

My family has bought both beef and chicken from Sunnyside up Pastures. It was hands down the best meat. Better than any store bought! Specially the chicken! The chicken was a lot bigger than what you would get in the store and has a better taste! Like I said I’d definitely recommend them!"
Susan M.