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Reserve your Spring Beef, Sale Ends January 31 11:59pm

Grass finished beef is seasonal and best harvested when the grass is green. Green grass is where all the amazing nutrition comes from in grass finished beef. Butchers have to be scheduled months in advance. Plan ahead with us and reserve your spring beef before January 31.

bulk beef, grass-fed grass finished for your family.

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Healthy Meat For Your Family

You are what you eat and that goes for animals. At SUP our animals spend each day of summer out on fresh green pasture. This helps them produce the most nutrient dense and healthiest meat for your family. Our animals eat as close to their natual diet as possible. When buying meat from us you get.

-100% Pasture Raised, Pasture finished beef - Never fed grain

- Our beef is Dry Aged 14 to 21 days for delicious taste and high nutritional quality

-Raised on our high valley pastures

-Rich in Omega 3's, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Antioxidants and conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA)

-"Drug Free" (No hormones or antibiotics)

- Our animals get fresh clean pasture every day in a way that regenerates the soil

-You get our 365 Day money back guarantee

Raised with love

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