Farm to Table Dinner June 15th


We want 110% transparency on how, what, and why we do what we do. We want you to feel confident that you are getting the healthiest and most delicious product possible.


 Our cows are raised on pasture all year round. We believe in making things as close to nature as we can make it, that means no vaccinations, no antibiotics, and being moved daily. We balance on letting nature takes its course and making sure are animals are healthy.


 Our chickens follow the cows and sanitize behind them helping keep flies and bugs in check. Just like the cows our chickens are never given antibiotics or vaccines. Our chickens live such natural lives that they don't pick on each other if one gets injured.   


 It is a fun family tradition to grow delicious sweet corn and sell it at a farm stand at the top of our road. Our corn is Non-GMO and is grown without any pesticides. We enjoy trying different varieties and providing something everyone will enjoy.