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Sweetheart Packages
Sweetheart Packages
Sweetheart Packages
Sweetheart Packages
Sweetheart Packages
Sweetheart Packages

Sweetheart Packages

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This package is great to add just a little more of your favorite cuts to a larger bundle or just to have some great meat for your family meals.

Next Shipment Date: 

    • This next Tuesday for orders received before Tuesday morning

Options & What's Included...

Please Note: On packages, what's sent depends on current open inventory.

If you're interested in a particular cut, please put it in the notes at checkout and we'll do our best to supply it. 

If you want to make sure to get a specific cut, order from the individual cuts collection.

    • Ground Beef Package Option (10 lbs)
      • Ground Beef (10 lbs) 
        • 1-2 lb pkgs. of Ground Beef (Roughly 85% lean)
    • Premium steaks Package Option (3.5 lbs)
        • Steaks (3.5-4 lbs) 2-3 random steaks from the list below.
          • Filet Mignon Steaks
          • Tenderloin Steaks
          • New York Steak
          • Rib (Rib-Eye Bone-In)
          • Tri-Tip
        • Steaks Package Option (5.5 lbs)
          • Steaks (5.5-6 lbs) 3-4 random cuts from the list below.
            • New York Steak
            • Rib Steak (Rib-Eye, Bone In)
            • Tri-Tip Steak
            • Flank Steak
            • Round Steak
            • Sirloin Steak (Bone In)
            • Skirt Steak
            • Cubed Steak
        • Roasts Package Option (8 lbs)
          • Roasts (8-9 lbs) 2-3 random cuts from the list below.
            • Brisket Roast
            • Round Roast
            • Sirloin Roast
            • Sirloin Tip Roast
            • Tri-Tip Roast
            • Chuck Roast
            • Rump Roast
            • Short Ribs

         *Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

        "This isn’t ordinary beef... this is delicious, nutritious, 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef that was thoughtfully raised on our local family farm!"

        What customers are saying:

        "Just ordered....Looking forward to some tasty burgers!"  Eric

        "The BEST 👌💯🇺🇸💪 Scott

        "hands down the best meat"

        " I would definitely recommend them! They are super friendly! My little boy has enjoyed going out to their farm to pick up the meat that we have got from them!  My family has bought both beef and chicken from Sunnyside up Pastures. It was hands down the best meat. Better than any store bought! Specially the chicken! The chicken was a lot bigger than what you would get in the store and has a better taste! Like I said I’d definitely recommend them! " Susan M.

        "will definitely be buying more"

        We cooked up some steaks and hamburger meat from Sunnyside Up Pastures on the Fourth of July, and my husband and a family friend both raved about the meat. It cooked just right on the grill and the taste was perfect. We will definitely be buying more meat from Sunnyside Up Pastures."  Amy M.

        "hands down the best"

        " As someone that buys as much local grass fed beef as I can and eats A LOT of meat, this is hands down the best ground beef I've ever had. Whatever you guys are doing is amazing! " Marcus G.

        "We highly recommend Sunnyside Up Pastures"

        " Amazing! The meat was delivered quickly and in GREAT condition. The packaging was very neat and protected the meat perfectly! And of course the meat was delicious! We highly recommend Sunnyside Up Pastures! And had a great experience! " Breanna T.

        "absolutely delicious"

        " So so delicious made these delicious hamburgers tonight and a few ho bo dinners absolutely delicious and no fat at all. Thanks so much " Brenda S.


        Expect your package to be delivered by UPS and watch for notifications updating you on the progression of your package.  Your meat will be packed in insulated boxes with dry ice to keep it frozen during transit.  If you won't be home the Wednesday after ordering, please let us know and we'll send your beef when you'll be home.

        What Makes Our Beef So Special

        • 100% Grass-fed beef - Never fed grain
        • Dry Aged 14 to 21 days for delicious taste and high nutritional quality
        • Raised on our high mountain valley pastures
        • Rich in Omega 3's, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Antioxidants and onjugated Lineleic acid (CLA)
        • No antibiotics
        • Fresh clean pasture every day in a way that regenerates soil

        The Boldest Guarantee in Beef

        We guarantee your 100% satisfaction of your purchase for 1 Year 

        If you are not 100% satisfied with something purchased from us we promise to take care of you with no hassle. We will refund or replace any items you are not satisfied with, and you can decide which you would like.

        We are committed to a no risk experience, when buying from Sunnyside Up Pastures. So go ahead and get your meat at no risk to you.