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Whipped Tallow Lotion
Whipped Tallow Lotion

Whipped Tallow Lotion

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Leave your skin product worries behind with our 100% Grass fed and finished whipped beef tallow lotion. 

If you worry about what is really in the products you are putting in your skin and how it will affect you, then this lotion is for you. 

Beef tallow is a pure natural product that will rejuvenate your skin without all the icky chemicals you can't pronounce. Beef fat has moisturizing properties that can help with your skin barrier function and more. This means it can help with skin texture and appearance. 

Beef tallow also contains antioxidants, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, and is packed with vitamins and minerals.


Because this is an all-natural product with no preservatives, we recommend storing unused tallow in the fridge (which can last up to 12 months) and using your current balm within 1-2 months. Tallow products don't need to be in the fridge while you are actively using them. 

Be aware that when you first open your lotion, the scent might be strong. Over time the scent will lessen as the natural oils break down. This is normal and is no need for concern. On the unscented lotion, it will have a natural grease smell, this is normal. 

Remember a small amount goes a long way. Feel free to use on your face and body. In case of unknown allergies, test product on a small area and see how it reacts to your skin. In rare cases that your testing area has a flare up, wash with water and contact us for a full refund. 


Potential Ingredients: whipped tallow, essential oils and natural fragrances, coconut oil, castor oil.