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Bulk Beef Buyers Guide

Bulk Beef Buyers Guide

Many local farmers sell beef at bulk, you can try asking around or the internet is a great place to look. You can try “Grass-fed quarter beef Utah” or whatever state you live in. Also try other pages than the first one to find farmers that aren’t paying money to be at the top of the list. Social media is also a good platform to find local farmers, and from there you can ask them if they have bulk beef.

At Sunnyside Up Pastures we have a website where you can see our information.

Bulk Beef is usually sold in ¼, ½, and whole. We offer 1/8 as well for those who might not have the freezer space for anything bigger but want more than a few single cuts. When buying bulk beef you will almost always need to pay a deposit upfront and then when the final weight of the cow is calculated at the butcher's you will pay the rest of the cost. For example, if you buy a quarter beef and it has a $360 deposit, you pay that to the farmer. Once the butcher has processed and cut up the cow the final weight comes out to you owing $436 to pay for the rest of the cow. 

The cost of a cow will include butcher fees, time and effort that went into the cow, and a wage for the farmer. 

Grass-Fed and Grass Finished or Grain Finished?

Most farmers will have grain finished beef. All commercial beef is born on grass and then the last few months of life are spent in a corral with hundreds of other cows and fed grain to fatten them up. Grain finished is usually known for fatty and tender beef.

Grass-Fed and Grass Finished beef have cows living on natural grass from birth to death. This follows nature's cycle, eating living plants and moving to a new fresh pasture every day. Many people believe that grass finished beef is tough, but that is not the case. Unfortunately, there are producers who raise ‘cheap’ beef and when grass fed beef is improperly raised you get tough tasteless meat. 

We promise you that our meat is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. We have review after review that testifies of the delicious flavor our beef has. 

Grass-fed beef is also renowned for being better for the heart and having more nutrients.


Unlike buying from many small farmers where you do the work of talking to the butcher and coordinating with other people to split a cow. Sunnyside Up Pastures will do all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is send us money, let us know any requests, and give us an address. We will take care of your cow and ship it straight to your door UPS. You also have the option to pick up your beef straight from our farm when it is ready. We would love to meet you and show the farm.



 We believe all food should be produced and eaten locally whenever possible. Sunnyside Up Pastures is located in Central Utah between the mountain ranges in Centerfield. For those around the Salt Lake area that is a 2 hour trip South on I-15, then Highway 28, and then a little bit on Highway 89. For those in Cedar City that is a 2 hour trip North on I-15, then I-70, and then Highway 89.

Sunnyside Up Pastures

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I don’t know how many other beef sellers do this, but at Sunnyside Up Pastures we offer a 1 year, 365 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your product we will either replace the product or refund you your money. Hassle free is what we strive for. 


We love when people come to visit the farm. You can come visit the farm anytime, bring the family to see the animals and enjoy the seasonal fun. We love to talk about how we engage in building health for our soil, plants, animals, and people. Megan also loves showing off how friendly the cows are. 


Animal care:

One of our biggest priorities is animal care. There is evidence that animals experiencing fear and stress regularly will produce inferior meat. But more importantly than meat is the emotional welfare of our animals. Happy animals are easier to work with and are healthier. We never use any painful tools (cattle prod, whip, pitchfork, pole, etc) on our animals. Whenever we move or work the cows, we use natural pressure of body language and eye contact. If the cows ever show signs of stress we back off and reevaluate our tactics. If you have ever heard of Temple Grandin, we try to apply her methods. If you haven’t heard of her Temple Grandin, you should look her up. 

How much beef should I get and how long will it last me?



Do I have enough space? And Estimated Cost



Recipes for every cut:

 If there is a cut of meat you aren’t sure how to cook, don’t fret. Not only do we do weekly recipe videos on our YouTube channel, SunnysideUpPastures, but we are also putting together a recipe book. This booklet will contain at least one recipe for each cut of beef that is in a whole beef. Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 


Try before you buy, but don’t wait long, inventory is limited:

If you are almost committed to buying bulk beef but need some reassurance, go ahead and buy a small amount of meat. We have sample boxes that you can buy and fall in love with the taste before committing to a large amount.